Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get back your precious memories after Memory card corruption

Photos are precious for everyone because it reminds the special moments of our life. We take photos and want to preserve them forever so that we can remind our special moments whenever we want and at any time. We use digital camera to capture photos and store all those photos to digital camera memory card.

Generally, memory cards are very small in size but it store files of large volume. The storage capacity of memory card is huge. Now days it is very secured storage device. But sometimes these cards may get corrupt and make inaccessible of data like photos, videos and music files due to various reasons.

Some of the common reason for the Memory card corruption:
  • If the memory card is removed while the read/write process is going on
  • Due to physical damage of card
  • Using of same card on a different devices like digital camera, music player, mobile phone and computer
  • Sudden shut down of camera while photo is transferred from digital camera to computer
  • If the card is affected by virus
No need to worry, there is a chance of recovery of lost photos from memory card by using SD card photo recovery utility. With the help of this utility you can easily recover your lost photos or music files from corrupted or damaged memory card.

Things to do when card is corrupt:

In this situation, remove the memory card from the digital camera then search for the photo recovery software which is non-destructive in nature and read only which doesn't affect the original content of card.

After that connect the card to the computer and try to access the card via card reader, if still you can't access the card then download and install the SD card photo recovery software and scan the entire memory card from which you want to recover your lost photos or music files. You can easily recover your lost, corrupted or formatted photos from your digital media, as the software use step by step process and easy to use. The software also consists of manual guide, which help you in entire recovery process.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Recovering of Lost photos from Corrupted SD card

Recovering of Lost photos from Corrupted SD cardNow a day, Many people and professional photographers rely on Secure digital (SD) cards. Since these card is used in many digital media like digital camera, music player, cell phone, camcorder etc. SD card is widely used memory card. There storage capacity and size have made them idle for carrying data. It can store up to thousand of photos, pictures and music files at a time. Digital camera or other digital media use SD cards to store the captured photos, pictures or video files. Unfortunately, the stored data (photos, videos) can be corrupted or you mistakenly or accidentally delete photos or videos from the SD cards. But no need to worry, there is recovery technology available which help you to recover your precious moments of your life. SD card photo recovery is one of the such tool which helps you in recovery your lost precious photos, videos and any other media files.

Reason Behind the Corruption of SD cards:
  • Accidental deletion of precious photos, videos and other important document from SD cards
  • Removal of SD card during write process
  • Deletion of precious photos or videos due to improper handling of camera
  • Due to power failure while transferring photos from SD card to PC
  • Due to damage of file system of memory card
  • Due to virus infection
there are so many reason for photo loss. But the point to be think about, how to recover lost photos in such cases.


To resolve the such situation and recover your precious photos then you need to follow the following steps:
  • Recover the deleted photos by using the proper and updated backup.
  • Properly insert the SD card in the expansion slot of digital camera.
  • Access the memory card in your PC via card reader
  • If still unable to access the photos the format the card and
  • Use powerful and reliable SD card recovery software.
SD card recovery software not only recovers the lost photo, videos from various digital media but also retrieve lost or deleted photos, videos from corrupted or damaged memory card. It also recover photos from various digital camera like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Panasonic, Fuji, Minolta and many more.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to resolve the issue of Memory card corruption from canon EOS 7D camera

How to resolve the issue of Memory card corruption from canon EOS 7D cameraHave you lost accessibility of your photographs from Canon EOS 7D camera memory card? Are you looking for a SD card recovery software to recover your lost photographs?

Today camera has become the part and parcel of our life. Go any where, have any party, celebrate any festival, attain any function, you will remember them all by the photographs you have snapped on your camera. Further with the advent of compact digital camera, photography is no more a professionals job. You just have to focus and snap the photographs. Today the camera have become so small that they can be held on the pen as well. Even with such advancement in the camera and photography, you can not avoid the corruption of the camera memory card. Your camera memory card might get corrupted any time at any place. Corruption in the memory card would lead to inaccessibility of your valuable photographs.

Consider a situation wherein you are using a Canon EOS 7D camera that comes with 18 megapixels CMOS sensor for high resolution images of superior quality. The camera has dual DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor’s 14-bit A/D conversion that provides high processing speeds. It has a lens Peripheral Illumination Correction setting to automatically control the brightness across the image. Further, it has a Dual Axis Electronic Level on LCD monitor and an Intelligent View finder that help to level the camera during shooting Although it provides such lot of facilities, it is not free from getting corrupted.

While a physical damage of the camera can be overcommed by replacing the damaged part with a new one, damage of memory card can lead to corruption of the images on the camera. Your memory card can get corrupted due to the following reasons:
  • Abrupt shutting down of the camera
  • Pulling out of the memory card at the time of data transfer
  • file system damage of memory card
  • clicking of too many photos while battery is low
Such type of damage in the memory card of the camera can be recovered using SD card photo recovery. Actually when photo become inaccessible from the memory card, it does not imply that the photo has been permanently deleted from the card. Rather, the space occupied by the data is now made free to be overwritten on. Unless photo or data is written into the card, the older data remain intact.

SD card recovery software is comprehensive SD card photo recovery tool that recovers lost or deleted photos from any situation and support all photo formats including JPEG, EXIF, GIF, PGM, PNM, PBM, CD5, NFF, JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF. It also perform the card recovery from memory stick, SD cards, MMC cards, SD cards and Secure digital cards.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to recover lost photo from formatted SD card?

How to recover lost photo from formatted SD card?Have You ever lost your photo form SD card due to corruption? Are you looking for some tools for SD card photo recovery?

Everyone want to save there precious moments in the form of digital photos. Digital photos can be lost in many ways like accidental deletion of the photos, formatting of the SD cards, damage of file system, shut down of the camera while transferring photos from digital camera to computer, yaking the cable while transferring photos to PC or laptops, clicking of too many photos while battery is low and removal of memory card during read/write process. These are some of the common reasons for losing photos.

Photos always have some emotion attached on it. Losing photos of some special event, cherished persons or party can be very depressing. No need to worry! You can easily recover lost deleted digital photos from SD card. With the help of data recovery software you can easily get back all your deleted data including photos, pictures, videos and multimedia files. This is because when you lose photos from SD card, the data stored on these card are not deleted permanently. Instead, it will show the mark space as free for storing the new data. When you click on new photos, it will be stored on mark free space which leads to overwriting of the deleted photos.

Recovery of Data:

Recovery of deleted photos depends on the usage of the SD card after you have deleted data. To get back all those photos then you have to follow these steps:
  • Stop using the SD card for further because which leads to overwriting of lost photos.
  • If you lost the photos from SD card then remove the SD card from digital camera and store it safely till you recover lost photos from it.
Steps to recover lost digital photos:

SD card photo recovery is possible with SD card recovery software. To select the good photo recovery software, research on the web there are various recovery software available on the web or market to recover lost photos. But always remember, select the one which is read only and non-destructive in nature or compatible with you digital camera or PC. I recommend to select the Stellar phoenix photo recovery software to recover your lost photos. To recover lost deleted photo you have to follow these steps:

Remove the SD card from the camera :
  • connect the SD card to computer via external card reader
  • Download and install the photo recovery software on your PC
  • Run the software, which can scan the select drive
  • After scanning the entire drive, it will show the preview image of lost photos
  • Recover the found photos
  • Save the photo to the another location of your systems or PC.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to recover lost photos from Nikon's DSLR – D7000 After Camera Damage

How to recover lost photos from Nikon's DSLR – D7000 After Camera DamageHave you lost your photos in your Nikon's DSLR-D7000 camera due to damage in the camera? Are you looking for some tools for photo recovery?

An user's delight, Nikon's DSLR-D7000 is a superior quality camera that has 16.2 MP resolution CMOS sensor optimized by the EXPEED 2 engine to deliver stunning HD images with high image clarity and vivid colors. With the aid of D-movie function and contrast-detect AF, it is expected to record full HD (1080p) movies at 24fps, while maintaining superior image clarity throughout the recording. The Auto-Focus feature is designed to maintain focus and avoid the blurry effect while focusing on moving objects. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL15, it is rated to capture a maximum of 1,050 shots on one full recharge. The camera has dual-SD memory card slots with support for two SD memory cards.

Though it offers such facilities, we can not overlook the chances of the camera from getting damaged. Recovery of physically damaged camera can be made by replacing the damaged part with a new healthy part. But in case of the damage of the memory card, the card needs to be formatted. But the photos in the memory card gets wiped out in case of the formating of the memory card. In such a case an updated backup can be used to recover the data. But in case there is no proper backup, you can bank upon camera recovery software. The camera implements high ended algorithms to throughly scan the memory card to recover the photos from it. After tracing and recovering the deleted photos, the SD card photo recovery software saves them either in a default location or in user defined location.

Causes of camera damage:

The reasons that can cause in the damage in the camera particularly the damage of memory card are as follows:

  • Accidental deletion of data from memory card
  • Turning off camera during the file save process
  • Storage media file system corruption
  • Removing memory card while camera was still on
  • Accidentally formatting memory card
  • There is a life period of every memory card. Using it beyond the life span would corrupt the data stored in it

The resolution for to the corruption of the camera is to format the memory card. But as the formatting would cause data loss, the data can be recovered using proper backup. In absence of an updated backup, you can retrieve your lost pictures using photo recovery software.